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This is more than a job. It’s a chance to grow and develop, professionally and personally. We give you the opportunity to experience new cultures by working with an amazing and diverse group of people who share your energy and high standards. It’s a place where the view from the office window never gets boring


Flight Attendant domiciles are located at our hubs located in every state in The United State, Candidates can relocate. Domiciles will be awarded during training. Assignments are based on company seniority and operational need.


Candidates selected for new hire training must complete ground school and Initial Operating Experience (IOE). Training is conducted at our Flight Academy located at Envoy headquarters in Irving, Texas. Ground school consists of classroom and cabin simulator training. 


Flight Attendant wages are competitive with other regional airlines. Flight Attendants are guaranteed 75 flight hours per month in addition to per diem which is paid for each hour a Flight Attendant is away from home base. Hotels on layovers are provided by Envoy.


Apply for the Flight Attendant position and complete background check assessment by our recruiters.

If you successfully complete the assessment,
you will receive an email link to participate in a video interview,
which is considered your first formal interview.

Once your video has been received,
you may be invited to meet our team and join us
at our world-class training facility for an in-person interview.

During this six week course,
you’ll be immersed in a mix of fast-paced classroom,
online and hands-on training. Although training is unpaid,
food and lodging is provided.

Time for you to fly and join our family of
Flight Attendants at Envoy Air.